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People say that Facebook is a social site which connects the users throughout the world and allows them to exchange their ideas, views, photos, and videos. As world’s 22nd largest company, Facebook is a multi-purpose social networking platform with more than 1.86 billion fan followers worldwide. When it was launched, even its founder, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and the competitors did not expect or imagine that it would gain so much popularity which lets it call the shots in this era.

Facebook has made this world a single room where users can have all the fun. Nowadays, the users are accessing Facebook as a scrapbooking site where they can archive important moments of their lives. From teenagers to office goers, from the old man sitting at the tea stall to the business tycoons dealing with the clients, all have a sweet relationship with Facebook and access this site on a regular basis. But, as it’s said, Life is not a bed of roses – Facebook users are also not privileged all the time to access the Facebook account without facing any obstacles.

Not always, but most of the time Facebook users experience different types of glitches while accessing their account and get frustrated because of those. Facebook problems can be of any type like login, privacy, security, spam messages or hacking. Doesn’t matter what the problem is, the users always go for quick help provided on the official Facebook page but still, they don’t get optimized and reliable solutions as this process is very time-consuming and has lengthy steps. To be honest with you, Facebook doesn’t offer direct help and customer service for its users. However, Facebook users can contact with Facebook Customer Service squad to get the fastest and desired solutions to their account related issues. The tech maestros of this team can eradicate every sort of Facebook issue from the root and give a comfort zone to every user on this site.

Have A Glance At Some Of The Facebook Issues Which Any User Can Face:

  • Issues which occur while logging to the account.
  • Forgotten password issue.
  • Account setting glitches.
  • Unable to attach photos in the messages.
  • Getting failed to post photos or videos.
  • Messages are not being sent.
  • Facing issues while playing any Facebook game.
  • Account recovery issue.
  • Security and privacy issues.
  • Blocking and unblocking issue.
  • Having problems in creating a fan page.
  • Password recovery glitches.
  • Difficulty in finding any new feature.
  • Spam messages.
  • Hacked account issues.
  • Account is disabled.
  • And the list is infinite......

Some Facebook issues can irritate the users very badly and put a full stop on all their activities. But, the Facebook users have a better option to get all the glitches fixed within a less time interval. For that, they should approach the Facebook Customer Service team. Be it minor or major, the team members can resolve all kinds of Facebook issues by giving their 100% efforts.

So, the ball is in the court of the Facebook users, whether they can go with Facebook’s quick help or Facebook Customer Service team.

How to avail Facebook Customer Service directlyfrom officials?
Facebook Support DepartmentContact Information
Facebook Help Centre https://www.facebook.com/help
Payments Help https://www.facebook.com/help/1434403039959381
Keeping Your Account Securehttps://www.facebook.com/help/235353253505947
Ad Preferenceshttps://www.facebook.com/help/109378269482053
Deactivating or Deleting Your Accounthttps://www.facebook.com/help/250563911970368
Hacked and Fake Accounts https://www.facebook.com/help/1216349518398524
Reporting Abusehttps://www.facebook.com/help/1753719584844061
Facebook Customer Service Cannot be availed directly from officials !

Why should FB users go for Third Party Facebook Customer Service?

We are the best independent third-party Facebook Customer Serviceprovider bringing the one hell of a technical support to knock out all the Facebook related problems through our toll-free phone number and email. With the long-serving experience in this industry, we are full of pride to say that our services and connoisseurs are unsurpassable. If you are dreaming for the rapid and trustworthy assistance, approach our technical team’s executives only as they are available 24/7by365 so that Facebook users can contact themfor the unbeatable Facebook Customer Service for all their Facebook related issues.

Benefits of our support services are as follows:-:

  1. Certified technicians will offer you the best services.
  2. Tech Support is available 24/7 through toll-free phone number
  3. Reliable Facebook customer service is on the cards for USA and Canada people.
  4. Your Facebook’s hacked account will be recuperated.
  5. Facebook’s experience will be enhanced.

So, FB users if you are encountering the hacked Facebook account issues or facing issues while making video callthen come to us and get the finest technical service via our toll-free Facebook Customer Servicenumber. What other companies think that customer’s issues are none of their beeswax but we aren’t like them and our way of working on the Facebook issues is unique and that’s the main reason why millions of customers are fond of us.

How we are Superior than Official Facebook Customer Service?
Official Facebook Customer ServiceThird-Party Facebook Customer Service
Cannot be contacted directly We can be contacted directly
Response comes after a long while Instant response
No proper assistance Customers will be assisted step by step
Premium services are so expensive Premium services are delivered at nominal price
They don’t care about the negative feedbacks We take negative feedbacks on our chin
Don't kill your precious time - Call 1-866-359-6251 to get technical support!

Being a renowned Facebook Customer Service provider, we make sure that not a single customer is left disappointed or unsatisfied after availing our services. We know that owning trust of the customers is one of the biggest responsibilities andwe believe in controlling our own fate by putting the efforts which is required to achieve the goal.

How to take 360-images in FB via Facebook Customer Service?

Facebook has recently added a new button, called ‘360 photos’ in the Facebook app for Android and iPhone users, with the help of which any user can take 360-images. As it’s a new updated feature in Facebook, many of the users are unaware of this. To know about this Facebook speciality and take 360-images, contact our Facebook Customer Service.

Take a glimpse of the steps to capture 360-images:

  1. Tap the Facebook app icon in your device (Android or iPhone).
  2. Sign into your Facebook account by entering your login credentials.
  3. Navigate to the centre of your homepage in the status region and find the ‘360 photos’ button.
  4. Tap on it and hold the blue button to take a complete panorama.
  5. Now, choose your ‘Starting view’ as per your preference.
  6. In the last, click the ‘Share’ button.

You can also obtain Facebook Customer Service whenever you need.

Does Facebook Customer Service team annihilate Facebook worries?

What do you do when you face Facebook glitches while accessing Facebook account? Do you try to fix it on your own? What you should do at that time, dial a toll-free number which connects you to the Facebook Customer Service team and share your issues with the team members as they are highly proficient and experienced to annihilate any type of Facebook worries.

At Facebook Customer Service, you’ll be delivered with the cent-percent solutions for your Facebook problems. Now, you might be thinking that why should you obtain this service if Facebook has already a ‘Help Community’ page. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t provide direct help or customer service to its users and for the reason itself, the service providers are always available to lend you a helping hand. So, you can always seek assistance from these techies.

Facebook Customer Support Phone Number +1-866-359-6251 USA and Canada