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A New Feature To Increase Blood Donations Via Facebook Customer Service

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A New Feature To Increase Blood Donations Via Facebook Customer Service
There is no exaggeration in saying that we are alive only because of proper circulation of blood in our body. There can be several causalities in human life leading to a dearth of blood.  In developing countries the paucity of blood donors is a grave concern for everybody. In case of emergency Social media serves as the biggest platform to bring Blood seekers and blood donors under one roof. Now Facebook has come up with a new feature to make it easier for people to be blood donors. Our Social media network now will connect people and organisation with tools and information to find blood donors in the time of need. You can know more via our Facebook Customer Service .

Now Blood donation is easier with Facebook

  • This feature will be rolled out on 1st October; Facebook users will be able to start signing up to be a blood donor.
  • There will be a message in the newsfeed from FB or people can either edit their profile to sign up for becoming blood donor.
  • The best part is that all information will be confidential and will have the setting only me by default.
  • People can choose to share donor status on their timelines
  • It will firstly be available for android and mobile web
  • In a couple of days blood banks and hospitals will be connecting Blood donors in the easiest way.
  • Organisation will be able to create a special post with information necessary for blood donors to offer help
  • Facebook will automatically notify the nearby  blood donors
  • Donors can review the request to donate blood.

These are some steps you need to keep in mind to help blood donors and if you feel the need of more guidance then contact our Facebook Customer Service number.

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A New Feature To Increase Blood Donations Via Facebook Customer Service
Do you know that Facebook has introduced a new feature with the help of which the users can save someone’s life?
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